Innovative Chemical Materials

It is an innovative Ukrainian company producing special chemical elements.
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Our unique history

From the very beginning we believed that we could do more and now we are sure of it. The confirmed slogan of the company ICM is “I know I can do more”

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Have set a high goal

To transform is to make the world around better by improving things and processes that surround us! - and these are not mere words for us. We are so engrossed in and dedicated to our high idea that we have included it in our company’s Manifesto.

Create the best

The goal of our company is the development of technologies - development and integration of innovations into industry. Innovations are our tool for the highest quality achievement and production efficiency. Indeed this means that each product of the company is better than formerly known analogue. ICM product always has the best characteristic.


It is a high pure nanodispersed amorphous silica obtained by fluoride and ammonium processing.

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It is pure crystalline powder without smell and taste, it is salt of carbonic acid and calcium – carbonate of calcium.


It is an all-purpose inorganic material that is mostly used as a whitening agent. It is a pigment in the form of powder.