We have a unique history

A long way preceded the foundation of the company. Over half a century ago Anatoly Sinozatsky, the Ukrainian scientist and inventor, academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine, initiated the formation of ideological principles and scientific basis.

The founder of the company Ivan Bulygin says: “I was fortunate to grow inspired by a remarkable man – Anatoly Sinozatsky, my grandfather. I think it is he who is the inspiration of the company foundation. His scientific views as well as fostered by him interest in science and in search for new solutions have become a strong basis for me”.

From the time of trends establishment

The development of the chemical industry is a priority that almost all countries of the world are guided by. This field has a significant impact on economic performance of countries and is widely regarded as one of the most progressive industrial areas. Practically no modern industry can do without chemical industry.

The concept of possible creation of production of chemical elements in Ukraine originated with academician-grandfather’s team and young enterprising Ivan more than 10 years ago while working under joint scientific projects.

Thanks to the pooling of their knowledge a lot of ideas and practical experience for existing technologies improvement were born and there were made efforts to integrate those ideas into the current Ukrainian chemical industry.

At that time such invention were becoming a trend in world economies but the Ukrainian industrial sector stagnated – government institutions that were responsible for the development of the area did not show the slightest interest in the proposed innovations in contrast to private European companies, which were actively increasing their impact to the industry.

The will for change and improvement

But the initial striving of the developers was not only the realization of their own innovative ideas but also the regaining of market positions and growth of the domestic economy.

We sincerely wanted Ukraine to be competitive on the global industrial market, and not to become someone’s raw material base. We considered it unacceptable to simply kill the existing, without exaggeration, huge potential, and deprive Ukraine of the prospects for healthy economic growth. It has also become clear that we should not rely on anyone to help us achieve our ambitious and sincere goal,
– says Ivan Bulygin.

The idea has united people

Then he continued to deal with the topic himself working in several large companies. There he got experience and in practice understood exactly what to do and how to do it. Enlisting the support of colleagues and like-minded people, he began searching for resources and forming a team to start. And soon, united around the idea, a group of scientists, technologists and specialists in other fields founded the company ICM – Innovative Chemical Materials. The company’s goal was formulated as the development of new technologies and their implementation into production.

Innovations are a tool for improving the quality and efficiency of production. For, in order to be successful on the market, it is not enough to do what everyone else does. We must do the best – here and now, with our own hands, relying only on ourselves.

Innovations: realization and results

The first full-scale project of the company was the creation of its own line for the production of pyrogenic silica – one of the most used and popular products on the market.

Based on the fact that Ukrainian raw materials for the production of silica are in demand in the world, we decided to start working with products on this basis. We have developed a line under our patent and with our own innovations, over a two-year period we built a factory and now produce the finished product- a wide range of brands of colloidal silicon dioxide, – says Ivan Bulygin, founder of the company.

Innovative closed-cycle technology without emissions into the atmosphere allowed to produce a product with 10 times less energy consumption than its competitors and get rid of impurities. The final product has no taste, no smell of chlorine or other non-inherent properties.

You know for sure you can

Thanks to the fact that our Ukrainian specialists take part in the process and our local raw materials are used, it became possible to create an inexpensive, high-quality and competitive product on the world market.

ICM creates and offers the best on the market so that your consumer will get the best product.

Substances based on calcium and titanium are next in line.
From the very beginning we believed that we could do more, now we are sure of it.

I know I can do more is a confirmed slogan of ICM.